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EID Connect - App for iPhone® & Android™

App for Android™ & Apple® iPhone® iPad®

Shearwell’s EID Connect app is the first to be released under the new Shearwell suite of software. It enables users to connect to an SDL400S Stick Reader (for Android) or SDL440S Stick Reader (for Android or iOS).

The EID (electronic identification) numbers are read from either electronic tags or bolus) and sent to EID Connect where they are stored in a group with other reads. The data can be shared via cloud storage, email or stored locally on the device.

• Use the app with a Shearwell EID Stick Reader
• Send tag reads to EID Connect wirelessly by Bluetooth
• Count animals with EID tags accurately and easily
• Download tags from the Stick Reader's memory
• Group tag reads for management purposes

Android app on Google Play Download on the App Store

Please Note: iPhone app will only connect to the blue-handled Stick Reader (SDL440S)

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This is how it works


Electronic Tag

All animals with an electronic ear tag can be read one after the other.

Stick Reader

Animal tags can be stored in multiple groups in the stick reader's memory.

EID Connect app

The app can import multiple groups from the Stick Reader or collect the data live.

Export Data

All animal groups can be exported via email, Instant Messenger or saved to cloud storage.



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