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Sheep Tags

It all starts here, with the right choice of ear tag

Shearwell SET tags for sheep are light, durable and easy to apply one-piece ear tags. Their popularity is unparalleled, with more than 80 million sold in the past five years alone.

Visual and electronic tags look identical; an EID chip fits securely in a chamber of the electronic tags. Inner surfaces are smooth and rounded to avoid pinch points and reduce infection risk. All our tags re laser-etched for easy reading throughout the life of the animal. Visual and electronic tags are easy to apply using the same Shearwell applicator.

Visual Tag


Larger print now available

Used all over the World

The Shearwell SET tag is widely approved by ministries worldwide for use with sheep and goats. It is UV stabilised and ideal for New Zealand conditions.

Shearwell SET tags the world over.
The Shearwell SET tag was first developed in 1990. Since then many millions have been sold worldwide, of which some 16.7 million are electronic (EID) tags equipped with an EID chip. It is the number one selling sheep tag in the UK.

We take real pride in our product, both in its manufacture and in the service we provide to livestock farmers the world over. The Shearwell SET tag is not just a tag, but the first step towards better traceability and easier livestock identification and management.

Optimal Design

  • One-piece, lifetime tag
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Industry leading retention rates
  • Optional EID chip

Available Colours

1 Design, 2 Functions


For easy-to-read identification of your sheep for all management purposes when EID is not required. Use with Electronic SET Tag if double tagging.

A durable, light sheep tag for visual identification of your sheep available in 11 colours.

Industry leading retention rates.

High-resolution laser-etching ensures full legibility of management data even from a distance. 


For fast, accurate identification of your livestock using electronic identification and as the heart of integrated electronic ID and management systems combining e.g. weigh crates, auto drafters and mobile phone apps. With electronic ID, you can ‘read’ the sheep’s ID without having to handle the sheep. Use with Visual SET Tag if double tagging.

A durable, light sheep tag for electronic identification of your sheep. As well as containing an integrated, unique EID chip with excellent read range, the ear tag is available in 11 colours and has room for extensive visual identification such as management number, year of birth and/or farm name.





Industry leading retention rates
Totally dependable
A lifetime one-piece UV stabilised tag ideal for New Zealand conditions
One-piece design
Quick and easy to apply 
Laser-etched for permanence
Always easy to read
Easy to apply
Quick, stress-free application – same Shearwell applicator for visual and EID
Suitable from day old, for life
Contains RIFD microchip
High performance ISO 11784/5 compliant HDX transponder for a unique, permanent smart record
Rapid-read chips readable by all ISO-compliant EID static and mobile readers. Excellent read range
The heart of the electronic ID system
Traceability, security, management